Tips on buying a used car

Buying a second hand car can sometimes become the smarter option in comparison to buying a new car.

Do you know how to buy a second-hand / used car in Singapore?

✨Tips on buying a used car✨

Tips on buying a used car

1️⃣ Set a budget & research

In this age where all information is at our fingertips, you can easily do a research on your dream car. At the same time, you can also set a budget according to your financial feasibility for the car you are intending to purchase.

2️⃣ Decide between a PARF or COE car

You’ll need to know the difference between a PARF car and a COE car. A PARF car is aged 10 years old and below and is usually eligible for both COE and PARF rebates upon deregistration. A COE car refers to car that has renewed its COE. You will only get the COE rebate when de-registering.

3️⃣ Check the car thoroughly

Always insist on doing a test drive of your chosen car. In this way, you will be able to get a better sense of the cars’ overall condition.

4️⃣ Check interior and exterior condition of the car

Request for the car to be checked at a workshop of your choice. A pre-purchase vehicle inspection is not mandatory, but it will help in assuring you of the car’s condition before you make a commitment.

5️⃣ Decide In-house vs Bank loan

Before you begin your application, you must verify your car loan eligibility, have a good credit score and prepare the documents you’ll require. Remember to also check and compare interest rates and loan tenures to find out which loan is more suitable for you. You can also come chat with our in-house finance experts to help you with your car financing decisions.

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